Pilates Healty Tips


Cellulite… this is a word for every woman’s nightmare. Even thinking about it makes us cringed. Well, unless you were born with a super good genes ( I envy you, Victoria Secret’s Angels), then you have it. In fact most women I know have that.

I’d been battling with that for as long as I remember. Because I love wearing bikini on the beach, and I love swimming too. In fact, I don’t remember when was the last time I was wearing one piece bathing suit.

I tried lots of diet, low carb, low fat, food combining, massage till my skin turn blue (I have a very soft sensitive skin. It bruised easily).

I spent millions on the anti-cellulite creams, wrapped my body with plastic, and working out for hours everyday. I am sooo obsessed with that. Nothing’s worked!!

Then, I read one article that mentioned about cellulite. It said that cellulite is a liquid fat in a pocket that placed neatly under the skin for your protection. Those littlefrienemy (friend and enemy) is a fat that doesn’t get oxygen at all. They are ‘oxygen starving cells’.

You might be skinnier but since the process only burn the fat that got oxygen so you know the result. Well… they stay.

And crash diet is not helping either. You know that our body system designed to protect and grow? So, if you dieting without ‘thinking’ then your body will restore any unused fat to protect your body from starvation. The metabolism going slower then the ‘fat burning’ system also does the same. The result? Those little guys stay.

So, what should we do to make it work? Well, in fact I am on my way to get rid of that so I am not really cellulite-free. That’s why I need more friends doing this. Let’s do it together. And the tips are:

  1. Strip naked. Look at your body in the mirror and start saying this: “I love you  and thank you for being with me for so long. You are the reason that I am still here until now. Thank you for protecting me”. Trust me, gratitude is the best remedy. Psychologically, you accept yourself the way you are.
  2. Start breathing properly. Take a deep breath and exhale properly. Pilatesexercises always focus on the exhalation fully so you will get a new fresh air in your lungs. Focus on the exercise in slower pace. Walk long and slower and concentrate on your movement and breathing. Let all your muscle work so the oxygen will reach the fat. Do the movement to break it. I will show it in this video. You only need about 15 minutes a day and remember… do that everyday. Hey, I am doing that too.
  3. Keep eating properly. Focus on food that will boost your energy and metabolism. Thinking about seeds, nuts, herbs, fruits, vegetables, good carbs, protein and good fat (meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, butter), tea and coffee (my favourite). Anything that keeps you going and moving. I will talk about it in different article.
  4. Keep on moving when you are not exercising. Do the housework, help people, play with your dogs, etc.
  5. Do have enough sleep so your body will have time to grow.
  6. Drink a lot of water. There is also a proper way to drink water. I will tell you in another too. ‘wink wink’.
  7. Massage the cellulite areas with the mixed of coffee, brown sugar, olive oil and coconut oil. Coffee : brown sugar = 2:1. If you only have either one of the oils that’s ok. Massage gently till the dirt comes off but not too long. You don’t want to bruise your skin, you want the coffee to be absorbed in your skin because coffee has a diuretic effect (release the liquid out of your system).
  8. Give yourself a time. The more you embrace your body the better the result.

 I hope you enjoy this and see you again in the next story.