Pilates Healty Tips

What a Lemon, What a Cucumber, What a Mint, What a Water!!

In my daily hectic life as a Pilates Trainer and Studios Owner, I bumped with so many different people.

Since I live in Jakarta, the busiest swankiest city in Indonesia, so I have to deal with traffic, juggling in between 2 studios schedules (One in South and one in North.), weather changes, different students, and a lot of errands.


One thing I know for sure, that I have to be healthy most of the time to keep up with that.

One of my most daily intake is water. Water when I woke up, before shower, during exercise, during teaching and training, before meals, and before bed time. Cut the story short, water is very important for me.

So, I want my water to be nutritional too. I need it to be fresh, clean, and yummy. So, I tried this recipe:

- 1 lemon, peeled and sliced.

- 1 whole cucumber and sliced.

- Lots of mints leaves.

All in one jug and pour water in it. I like it one liter at the time.

The taste? Fresh and nice. Easy to  go down my belly. And when it finished, I pour more water.  Then the next day I make another one.

What is so good about it? Lemon is full with vitamin C and is alkaline based. It neutralized your system. Cucumber is good to cleanse your gut and kidney, and mints leaves? It is an antioxidants that also help cleanse your lungs. If you combined all together with water then you have a liquid that cleanses and neutralized  your digestive system, cleanses and boost your kidneys, and respiratory system. And not only that, with the clean and healthy system your body have the ability to create new cells. Oh, the recipe for STAY YOUNG AND FABULOUS.

There is a lot of explanation about these 4 components but I am still learning. There is one thing, oh more than one. When I drink that,  I felt less tired, more energized, and guess what?? I rarely caught a FLU!!