Pilates Healty Tips


Before I begin just put it in your mind that this article will not talk about how to get skinny fast… or even worse…how to lose 5 kg in a week. Nope… I am not a doctor ‘super skinny recipe’ or miss ‘extra healthy eating super clean’ kind of woman. I am healthy and strong, and I know to enjoy life by eating healthy, at the same time enjoy some indulging food like ‘mie ayam’.

Now, take a look at this list:

• Tenderloin • Tomatoes • Chicken
• Spinach • Olive oil • Dory fish
• Carrots • Coconut oil • Any fish
• Broccoli • Fresh mozzarella • Prawn
• Salmon • Apples • Lemon
• Cauliflower • Kiiwis • Lime
• Pumpkin seeds • Kale • Orange
• Blueberries • Quinoa • Banana
• Cranberries • Chia seed • Eggs

The list will be on and on and on and on…

Now, you ask me WHY? My answer is WHY NOT? They all have the same ‘SECRET INGREDIENTS’. What is that?

They are the REAL FRESH FOOD. And they have everything you need to boost your metabolism. They contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and many more… in their real natural form.

I got questioned a lot by students, colleagues, and friends about the whole calorie counting and ask me to analyze their diet plan. All I can find is they ate a lot of ‘crapola’ food. Highly processed meats (I just imagining the salt and sodium contents.. ugh!), highly processed food, energy bar, diet drinks ( zero sugar stuff… oh aspartame.. aspartame), energy drinks ( sugar.. am hyper now!!).  I was speechless when I got a lecture from them about how they think it’s good for your body according to the ads. And at the same time they didn’t lose weight, felt tired and have no energy, and cranky (that’s not good.)

Ok, enough of that. How about this… If you don’t understand what written in the box, don’t eat it. If it comes from the box then throw it out.

Try to eat fresh food for 1 whole week. Eat like our ancestor did 100 years ago. In fact try it on a whole week.

You will be amazed with the result. You will feel fresh, happy and you will look GOOD!

Why? All the fresh food that you ate will refresh your metabolism, cleanse your system, help to regenerate new cells, and not only you feel younger and fresh… but YOU ARE!

Want to know more? Check it out soon in the next chapter.